[24.05.2004 - 3:58 p.m.]

Ok well Saturday, where shall I start? We got to Bristol and we parked in Barton car park or something and had to walk into town. We started our long, gruelling hunt for school trousers and halfway when we were in BHS [lame I know but Mum told me to look in there] she just stormed off saying she was going home. Is it just me or do you actually prefer hipsters to proper simon cowell type trousers?!

She was on about how I was so fussy and I should get some plain bootcut normal trousers but none of them fitted anyway. Finally when we were in err a shop in the Galleries I think, there were a few pairs I tried on, too small. The cool woman who worked there told me to try these Pash black ones, with pockets on front and back but they were 40. I tried them on, uh can't remember what size, 12 I think but they were quite long!

The 10s were too tight and I could feel myself bursting out of them but Mum said they looked fine, haha, sure. The 12s were sooo comfy, spacious and didn't look too bad I guess. Anyhoo we got those and Mum was a tad stressy cause they were expensive; I'll wear them loads though. In the Galleries, lmao, there's like a Cornish bakery place.. I was wetting myself and I forgot my phone so I couldn't take a picture of it. =(

Errm then we went to Lush because I told mum how nice it is and she was all "ooh it smells lovely". We spent about half an hour in there, just smelling the products and we decided to buy the Sweetie soap pack for moi and a fruity smelling one for mother.

The sweetie one had Honey I Washed The Kids soap

Rock Star soap
and I Should Coco soap.
They smell so good that you just want to eat them! I dunno what soaps were in mum's, just sort of citrus-y, fruity ones.

Then we went in the shop basically around the corner, Legends or something and I got a pair of green/khaki suede-y, soft, comfy trousers from there and they have lots of pockets, hehe. I wanted the "Whatever" D&G top but mum wouldn't get it pour moi. Ooh and there was a real nice Paul Frank top somewhere aswell, 25 though.

Moving on, yes, for lunch we had Subways! Oh my god they are to die for, yum yum yum, I had a ham and cheese one with italian cheese bread. They are rather dear, 2 odd just for the sub but ah well, if you enjoy it then it's not money wasted! After we'd had lunch mum said to go down the market, so we did.

There was a really nice Custard Shop bag, blue camo and it was small but mum said no but I spose it was for the best, I have too many bags! There was a t-shirt stall and I so wanted this shirt that was reddish and it had "Gert Lush" written in 70s style bubble writing on it, it was so cool. I have to bring my Dad down there, I need to get Jill and Soph's b-day presents still. =S Sorry guys!

Errm then we came to a really amazing stall, they had super big jeans so I tried them on and I fell in love. Seriously. They are so so so big and I love em! I bought 2 pairs of them, dark and light, they're made by Death Or Glory. The dude who ran the stall also threw in a free belt, wahey!

Umm afterwards we went past The Rock Shop and there were loads of sorta 'little goths' if you get me, they looked about 11 but it was amusant I must say. They all dogged me up, HAHA ooh I'm scared! =/ Also we briefly looked in the ticket shop thing, and I duno if I was seeing rightly but I think InMe are playing at Bristol? Hmm yes that was a shock.

Aah we went to H&M because I likes it there, I got a black Snoopy bra, some grey Snoopy pants, a pack of 3 [pink, purple and white] Snoopy pants and blue starry PJ's. Very purdy. Ooh yes then we went to Shoe Zone, lol and got a GORGEOUS pair of moccasins, mmmmmmm. EURGH, yuck, they're horrid and uncomfy, me already got a blister. =(

Ah well I really did need a new pair so, meh. Haha when we'd done all the shopping we went to Marks & Spencer cause we were dying of dehydration, I had a raspberry smoothie, mama had coffee- as usual. I nicked some of those candarel sweetener thingys cause they are nicer than sugar, go me!

As we got up to leave, The Rasmus came on the little TV and mum sort of shouted "THE RASMUS" rather loud and people turned to look. *hides* It was so embarrassing, honestly. Mum nearly died when we got charged for the car park, 50p per every 15 minutes! it's outrageous! She had to pay 10 and so that kinda put her in a bad mood..

Um slept round Kirsty's that night, had a BBQ in the afternoon-ish and then came home, went to bed. Today was pretty crap, got too hot in P.E, found out we have to do our presentations for english on Wednesday and then french was boring, my eyes were closing and I wanted to sleep. Didn't feel too good either, that helped!

God I am sick to fucking death of these attention seeking bitches like Amber, Lisa, Debbie etc cutting their arms with glass and then screaming about it, showing everyone what they've done. Oh yeah that is definitely THE way to go guys, you're so damn cool. I just wish I could be cool because I cut.

I expect if I showed them what I'd done they'd call me a freak, a psycho and then say it's disgusting. They are doing exactly the same except they do it for one and one reason only; to get attention! I'd hate to show people to get attention from it, I freak out when people suspect something, let alone blatantly showing people and shit.

Sorry it really is stupid and I wish I could bang their heads together and knock some bloody sense into them! It's like they sit there and just scratch whoever's name they love onto their arm until Amber actually presses harder and *gasp* draws blood, then they all try it. Ugh.

Err anyway I really should be planning my english thingy and starting my geography project and do some art homework! I always say that but never do it, hehe, nah I need to keep on top of things at the moment.

Hmm and Alex has the same shoes as Jeff, the Quiksilver ones.. I saw them in maths and I was like =| WOAH! They looks better on Jeff, definitely, heehee. I really wanted to be surrounded by the real [online, yes they are real] friends I have and Jeff last night, I felt so lonely and it was weird.

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