[14.05.2004 - 8:55 p.m.]

Today was okay I suppose. I didn't do my art homework but no worries because Mrs Nichols wasn't in! =D Instead we had some HUGE woman who was a right bore. She basically told us off if we breathed!

Will and I were openly discussing farting/gross habits and she told us she didn't want to listen to that so we told her she didn't have to. She got pissy and sent Will outside, I was annoyed so I said "Miss, you sent out the only fun in this room!" and she said "Oh what a shame maybe you can do some work now."

Everytime I opened my mouth she'd shout at me, grr, pissed me off. When she walked past me, she couldn't squeeze past the cupboard and she battered me with her mo'fo-ing ass.

Then Sheree was on about how she loves HIM and she couldn't remember 'his' name. Meaning Ville Valo, then she started singing Solitary Man.. Eurgh. I think she's trying to prove something, not sure what though.

Ah well, good entertainment. OOOh, Abi's had her hair cut and dyed.. I think it looks awesome but others aren't so sure. It's layered a bit and it's dark brown with a slice of blonde on the longer part. Shocking and different, but nice all the same.

Moving on, I am so excited/worried about tomorrow, seriously, I'm hyped. I can't sit still and I can't think about anything else! Dad said last night that he wasn't actually 100% sure that Jeff'd be there, great huh? I don't see why he wouldn't show, now that is pathetic.

Anyhoo very wriggly and so I think I need to calm myself down! =P I'm also going into town tomorrow, wahey, to buy my new phone! =)

Mood: Heeheeeee..

Listening To: NFG ~ All Downhill From Here

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