[01-27-04 - 10:11 a.m.]

I'm back from la orthodontists!

Ew, it was horrible in the waiting room.. It's always silent and you have to walk in and say your name and what time your appointment is, which I hate cause I hate speaking aloud to people I don't know and then to top it off, there's always a bunch of people sat in the chairs, which means you have to sit next to someone on each side - that sucks - and they all stare at you! *shudders*

And to add to that, I hate going on my own! Ooh hmm, so the orthodontist lady told me that I have a crooked tooth, hehe! So, now I gotsa big band around like 3 teeth.. *sigh*.. She didn't even ask if I wanted the colours changed - Red got kinda boring, I wanted purple..funkAyness!

Erm, yeah, I was breaking some plastic off of one of dad's razors I nicked and I got a bit off but then the blade literally sliced into my thumb [above the nail - the round bit on top] and um, fuck me, it hurt! It wouldn't stop bleeding for about 4 hours, it gradually stopped after 2 but occasionally bled a bit!

And goddamnit, if I put pressure on it, the blood starts coming out again! It hurts a lot, and I'm sure Mum'll ask how I did it .. Any suggestions?! My arms aren't too bad but meh.

Errrm, I got french after break so yah, fun, we'll prolly continue with those stupid GCSE tests which are so so so hard! Then when I get home, I'd better get cracking with my homework!!

Aw and I got an e-mail from Kirsty in the Dominican, I don't know how she got onto Hotmail but who cares? She didn't say I missed you or anything but asked how "we" [everyone including me] were and I just replied with "we're all fine, I have a lot of homework and I miss you, H x" sorta thing so yeah, I'm kinda excited.. It has been weird without her, I've realised that; ok, she can be a bitch and wind me up and piss me off sometimes but she actually is my best friend. I wouldn't want to be best friends with any of the other girls we hang around with, so I hope Kirsty knows that she means a lot to me, but I'm sure I don't mean as much to her..

ARGH! I thought of a poem beginning last night while I was in my room and I can't remember it.. Blah, anywho, better go get my bag packed and stuff, I might take my small bag as I haven't done my big book french homework and I only have french and science then D.T which I don't need my book for, so wahey, small bag!

Errrm, oh, I might be finishing off my Faery but I'm not sure cause I think we might have swapped groups while I was away last week =( Noooo! I really liked working on the flying toys, hmm wait, Mr Blackwell said we might swap groups but still be with him and do the painting part of woodwork.. Oh oh, yay I hope so! Even if I'm no-where near the painting stage yet *mutters* .. I need to work faster, but I just can't be bothered! Right, I'm off now!

Mood: Blah but yay

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