[10-24-03 - 11:37 a.m.]

Oh, well I found something new out. Coral's left school to go to another school. meh. I didn't know her that well, but 2 people have left our school now. Kay & Coral. I guess I liked Kay more, but I *did* know Coral from Primary school.. so.. blah.

Tee-hee, since I'm off again today, I've been fiddling about with my diary again. I changed all the notes, email etc stuff down the bottom. I might change the banner thingy too. But I'm not gunna change the lay-out. I've put up with too much shite from it..

So, er, yeah I'm kinda proud.

God, I never realised how much I talk to Soph and Jill; I feel so bored. I'm hungry. o_0 I hope Daddy's been to the sorting office and got Sophs letter for moi. Silly popo! Hope I geddit soon. POSTMEN SUCK! Cos I got Jillehpie's letter fine and Sophiepie's is lost somewhere. *calls out to letter* meh. *stamps feet* I WANT SOPHS LETTER!! Yes, I'm a spoilt bitch. . hehe . . Only joking!

Actually, I might go write X-Mas list now, even though I'm not -meant- to be on the P.C ! Okies, I probably won't update for a few hours but I'll keep fiddling.

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